Land valuation

Land is an inseparable element of a real estate. This is a natural consequence of long and complicated process of the evolution of real estate ownership as a social institution. The inseparability of land lot from real estate is universally recognized. But unfortunately not in Ukraine. There are a number of legal peculiarities in this country that allow land and land improvements to be separately owned. Therefore sometimes happens a paradoxical situation when land lot belongs to one owner and land improvements – to another. And this of course is a disastrous hindrance to investing.

Our domestic bureaucracy still can’t find balance between protection of public and private interests. Trying to protect land (as a national wealth) from abuse, the authorities at the same time scare away the investors.

Uncertainty about the status of land in Ukraine, however, does not mean that it has no value. Land lots are involved in economic relations (if not de jure, then de facto). Therefore they can be valued.

Land valuation is an old, traditional, and even commonplace field in the world valuation practice. However, in the emerging Ukrainian land market only experienced professionals are able to perform highly accurate valuation of a lot.

Ukrainian land valuation is the field we know from inside. More than ten years of experience enable us to protect our clients’ interests where the state fails to protect them.