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The success in consulting business is based on three cornerstones “Three R - Reputation, Reputation, and Reputation again!” So we put the trust of our Clients above any other value. Providing services to customers we try “not to sell a chair but the comfort of sitting on it”.

SalePrice Co Director Yuriy I. Sirosh

“What is the value of my business? How much could I charge for it?” Every business owner faces these questions sooner or later.

Business valuation is the activity that requires high-class workmanship. It accumulates a wide range of analytical procedures such as fixed assets valuation (valuation of property, plant and equipment: real estate valuation, valuation of equipment etc., valuation of intangible assets: valuation of trademarks, licenses etc.), valuation of circulating assets, financial analysis, economic modelling, legal due diligence and many others.

Business valuation is considered amongst the valuers as a kind of “advanced aerobatics”. Business valuers are rather small caste of top-class specialists. In order to become a member of this caste in Ukraine it is not enough only to have extensive knowledge in the field of economics and investment analysis. An abundant and specific practical experience is also crucial. And we do have all these.

We are proud to claim that SalePrice Co belongs to the small group of Ukrainian consulting companies, which are able to perform really qualified business valuation. Our company has been operating in the highly competitive Ukrainian consulting market for already 15 years. And we do not do stereotyped valuations of apartments. Our forte is business and investment valuation. The list of completed projects and our clients’ references can be perfect evidence to this.

Furthermore, business valuation is one of those fields, which we are interested in as scientists and explorers. Ukrainian business environment is very dynamic and controversial. It often makes businessmen face problems of high and ultrahigh complexity. We aspire to help our clients solve exactly such kind of problems. That is why while valuing business we make meticulous “X-ray photography” of it using due diligence procedures and process-oriented analysis.

It is exactly complicated and problem valuations that allow us to realize our knowledge and experience. And this, therefore, is one more guarantee that we will always handle such valuations with professional interest and all due responsibility.


Equipment valuation

A lot of industrial as well as non-industrial enterprises sooner or later face the need in equipment valuation. Sales, transfers, pawning, revaluations for financial reporting – all these cases are part of day to day business life.


Land valuation

Land is an inseparable element of a real estate. This is a natural consequence of long and complicated process of the evolution of real estate ownership as a social institution. The inseparability of land lot from real estate is universally recognized. But unfortunately not in Ukraine. 


Valuation of intangible assets

It is hardly possible to imagine a modern business without intangible assets. They are being bought, sold, processed in accounting etc. Though intangible these assets are able to create perfectly tangible value.