Real estate valuation

Our consultants have been practicing valuation in Ukraine for almost two decades. Ukrainian valuation was virtually born before our eyes. We, therefore, can take the liberty of not using here the clichés about our professionalism, independence, impartiality, knowledge of methodology, and adherence to national and international standards.

After all, an average client willing, for instance, to have his apartment valued for sale does not really care about the standards, methodology, or professional level of the valuers. And it is no surprise, but a natural response to the market conditions in the country.

That is why we seldom do valuations of apartments, houses and other similar real estates. Our clients seek our help with more complex real estate like:

  • Plants, factories, power stations, mines, workshops, and other industrial constructions;

  • Shops, professional and non-professional offices;

  • Professional logistic complexes and non-professional warehouses;

  • Hotels, cinemas, gas stations, grain elevators, and a lot of others.

Why do they choose us? This question is easy to answer – because they are interested not in the declarations about professionalism, but in professionalism itself. Because they need not just an officially looking piece of paper, but a research thorough enough to pass even the strictest scrutiny.