Equipment valuation

A lot of industrial as well as non-industrial enterprises sooner or later face the need in equipment valuation. Sales, transfers, pawning, revaluations for financial reporting – all these cases are part of day to day business life.

Equipment valuation requires from an expert a number of specific qualities such as knowledge of engineering and industrial production processes, economical modeling skills, and even knowledge of foreign languages along with communicational skills. Only the presence of all these qualities enables us to successfully cope with valuations of complexes consisting of thousands of various machines, a lot of them being unique, out of production, or produced at the other end of the world. Or even all at a time.

For years of successful practice in the market we have dealt with equipment of most various types including generating units of power stations, mining and ore processing equipment, dairy and canning plants, high-tech IT-equipment, agricultural machinery, equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, and light industry, and many others.

It will be no exaggeration to say that we do know all that is necessary about equipment valuation.