Property valuation

“A valuer doesn’t determine value but explains it”

Valuation aphorism

Valuation very seldom attracts public attention. However exactly this publicly unnoticeable field of activity make turn the wheels of economic system by providing every significant transaction with sound informational basis.

Having entered Ukrainian market of property valuation in 1997 Sale Price Co successfully develops since then despite all the ups and downs of market economy.

By now the Company has in its property valuation portfolio:

  • more than 500 real estate objects

  • some 400 vehicles, building and farming machins

  • some 130 equipment units and production lines

  • 29 going concerns

Currently the Company provides the client with the following kinds of valuation:

  • business valuation

  • valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets

  • valuation of real estate

  • valuation of land

  • valuation of vehicles, building, farming and special machinery

  • valuation of vessels

  • valuation of aircraft

  • machinery and equipment valuation

The clients of the Company highly praise it and always emphasize that Sale Price Co provides to them:

  • a wealth of experience in valuation of complicated, problem objects

  • intimate knowledge of all the peculiarities of Ukrainian valuation practice

  • tight collaboration with state bodies

  • comprehensive advisory support at all the stages of valuation process

These features form the hallmark of our company. Ten years of stainless reputation can be perfect evidence to this.