Our clients repeatedly ask us for consultations on market royalty rates, particularly in media and Internet-industry. In this publication we offer a brief review of the data on the subject we have encountered in professional literature and press.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS-IFRS) find wider and wider use in Ukraine. But current practice shows that some IFRS concepts still remain unfamiliar to the users in the country. To some extent this applies to the procedure of impairment testing. In this article we attempted to answer a number of questions concerning impairment test that our clients frequently ask us.

The problem of municipal waste becomes more and more acute in Ukraine. We are therefore glad to have professionally contributed to the solution of this problem albeit on a local scale. This article contains some information on municipal solid waste (MSW) we have gathered while working on the business plan of the waste-processing plant in Chernihiv.

We continue to publish materials on municipal solid waste in Ukraine. This article is a review of some of the existing and perspective waste-processing projects in the country.

Sunflower oil production is one of the industries in which Ukraine remains among global leaders. Our company has been involved in numerous successful projects in the industry. In this publication we would like to share with our readers some information on global sunflower oil market.

Valuation for financial reporting in accordance with IFRS has a number of peculiarities briefly reviewed in the present article. 

Presently there are a lot of matters in the Ukrainian electricity market that are unknown or obscure to the general public. In this article we tried to throw some light upon one of these matters – a connection between income earned by the domestic electric utilities and their value.

The article is aimed at revealing dependence between main macroeconomic indices and real estate market dynamics in Ukraine. Special attention is also given to the use of artificial neural networks in real estate price forecasting.

This article deals with some problems and opportunities arising for Ukrainian strategic investors under crisis conditions.

While running our consulting projects we often face a number of specific problems peculiar to Ukrainian business valuation. The main aim of this article is to expound some of these problems. We also want to share our arguments on this topic and cause the discussion concerning correct determination of valuation base (as well as the aim of valuation) for going concerns.

It is generally known that the location is one of the main real estate price determinants. Due to this factor the prices for real estate items in the same city can vary in considerable range.

To find a new owner for the business is not an easy task. It is not a problem to cannibalize the firm i.e. to sell off it’s assets. But in order to sell the business for the best price you should spend much time and efforts to find the investor and to conduct pre sales preparations. Taking into consideration the underdevelopment of Ukrainian going concern market you should be ready for long and complicated sales procedure.

We often hear: “We want to sell our business quickly”, “How we can find a firm meeting our technical and financial requirements?” etc. Practical resolution of these elementary tasks is connected with a number of obstacles. Foreign methods being successfully applied in the Western countries can be absolutely inefficient under Ukrainian economic conditions.

This article is dedicated to Ukrainian practice of ownership interests valuation with special attention given to control and liquidity factors.

Market development in the post-soviet countries is naturally accompanied by the reformation of planned economy. New market conditions determine environmental dynamics for all the enterprises in every sector of economy. With all this going on the investment processes, as a rule, cause changes of stock structure.

The efficient circulating assets management is very much dependant on proper determination of their quantitative characteristics. Underestimation of the circulating assets amount could result in financial difficulties, production cutback and decline in profit. At the same time its overestimation reduce abilities to expand production.

In the global practice the real estate insurance is the main source of income for insurance companies. Other types of insurance (transport, medical etc.) have rather image orientation. Some other trends are observed in Ukraine: only 25% of payments fall on real estate insurance and the majority of them belong to rented public and municipal property. But even in this conditions valuers often deal with the cases of valuation for insurance purposes. Lack of legal regulation and ambiguity of this question cause a number of problems a valuer has to solve by himself.

The article contains the short review of Ukrainian chinaware market dynamics.

The article contains the results of Ukrainian ilmenite concentrate market research (ilmenite – the main raw material for titanium industry).

Our commentary for'Consulting in Ukraine' magazine.

The research was carried out in October - December 2005.